Revealing Reginald Gwynne Templer

056 templer

Reginald Gwynne Templer (left) lived in Teignmouth. He was the eldest of six children born to Reginald William Templer and his wife Emily.

The Templer family built a church at small village on the Stover estate Teigngrace where Reginald’s grandfather was Rector.

At the time of the Emma Keyse’ murder, the link between the Templer family and the Emma’s family was not known to outsiders. It has since been suggested that Reginald Gwynne Templer was in fact a confidante of Emma Keyse and a regular visitor at The Glen.

Beatrice Harris birth certificate

During the Victorian era the mere suggestion of a discreet liaison between a gentleman and a female servant (Elizabeth Harris – image: top, right)) was out of the question but a blind eye was turned if such a relationship was not in the public domain. It is my long-held view that a relationship between Reginald Gwynne Templer and the cook, Elizabeth Harris did take place. At the time of the murder Elizabeth was pregnant (see the birth certificate).

The cover-up and false evidence that followed is quite remarkable. You only need to read the witness statements I have transcribed for this website.

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